Technologically Impaired

I am used to having a mediocre knowledge of technology and how things work. I can get by, communicate, and stay up to date in my field advancements, and usually, that’s enough. But today I was beyond frustrated to the point where I actually cried at my incapability to figure out what the heck is going on. All I wanted to do was upload the pictures on my phone to my computer. I’ve done it a million times and never had any issues. Ever.

So here’s what happened. I plugged my iPhone into my computer using a USB cord. iPhoto pops up, and then has an error message about the phone needing to be unlocked. No problem. Go to the phone, it asks if I want to trust the computer, I say yes, and then nothing happens. WHY!!!! I did it a million times, I turned both off, I updated my iPhone, I checked for updates on my Mac and there were none. I reset the location and security settings on my phone. Nothing made a difference!

So, after spending over an hour messing around with it, looking up solutions, and crying- I still had nothing to show for it. And I couldn’t figure out iCloud either. Ah! I’m so far behind the times and crazy frustrated. Maybe tomorrow I can look at it with fresh eyes. Or next week. Or maybe next month. It seems like I might need a bottle of wine to get me through it!

Anyone else technologically impaired like me? Have you had this problem before? Or are you a tech guru who can help me?! Let me know in the comments!



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