Review: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

I have a love/hate relationship with Fight Club, mostly because the parts I hate are the parts that make it an absolute work of genius. I found the main character’s unreliability to be completely frustrating, especially because it is not apparent at first. However, I understand that Palahniuk was attempting to place the reader in the mind of a split personality and recreating the frustration and whirlwind mindset of such a personality. It’s full of absurdity in the Soap Company, only made more ridiculous by the fact that who knows if it’s even happening! Seriously, could it get more annoying than that? Literally it could all be happening, it could half be happening, or it could be in his head. The narrator is so unreliable the reader has no idea what to believe (annoying right?), but even more annoying is that Palahniuk realizes how annoying it is and it’s the exact annoyance he’s trying to create because his narrator has a split personality!

So, there’s my mini rant about Fight Club. There’s so much to unpack in this book, it makes an excellent book club pick, especially if you’re able to watch the movie as well. Additionally, a second read will undoubtedly cause more details to pop out and provide the reader with a deeper understanding of the narrator(s) and Palahniuk’s inconspicuous hints of what may or may not be going on in this novel.

Let me know what you thought of the novel in the comments!


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