Nick Viall: The Finale

I just love Nick, so I hope that however his life turns out, he’s happy. The majority of this post will consist of me complaining about the way the show was produced this season- so if you don’t care to hear my rant, carry on.

First of all, the season flew by because almost all of it was consumed with Corinne drama. While I think she showed her true colors at the Women Tell All, I’m not too proud to admit I love when there’s a bit of drama in the house. However- this was too much. Corinne wasn’t the Bachelor, Nick was! The fans of the show want to see him fall in love, not hear over and over again who is or isn’t a bitch and who’s vagine is or isn’t platinum, amirite?! Regardless, they spent so much time making her into villain, and then wanted us to do a 180 and love her. ……hellllloooo! You have the power! If you wanted us to like her, then you shouldn’t have given her so much screen time that painted her in a poor light!

Secondly, announcing that Rachel was the bachelorette was an annoying, but understandable move. However. Right up until she left, all of Bachelor Nation only saw a strong connection between the two of them. It’s hard to build up a love story for millions of viewers to confidently believe in with one week left. I just don’t understand why they didn’t truly build the connections and showcase the love stories between Nick and Raven and Nick and Vanessa? We’re watching this show to see the lead find love- not to “find out what happens next in this exciting thriller,” the whole thing is ridiculous. Stop with the continuing into the next week, and show us the love.

Finally, why on earth would they show nothing but Vanessa crying on the last day and Raven happy as can be? Yes, we understand that it was her being real- but after a season of everyone believing in Nick and Rachel, and getting distracted by Corinne’s nonsense, give us a break! We’ve seen Nick fall in love 3 times on the show- we care about him! We worry! We need a sense of peace and a chance to believe that he’s built a strong foundation and truly fallen for the girl he asks to marry him! We need the love story.

Bring back the days where Brad set up a picnic just for Emily, or when you knew right away that JP was the one. It does everyone a disservice if you don’t. Like when Desiree was dumped by Brooks and picked Chris and everyone thought she settled. Clearly not- they’re married with an adorable baby! But we didn’t see their love grow, we didn’t believe in it, and that’s not fair! They all went on TV to fall in love so we could SEE it happen! Let us see it! Let us believe it!

If you have any thoughts on my opinion, please share in the comments below! This post was not meant to say that I don’t think Nick and Vanessa will make it- only they know that- but merely that I wished to fall in love with their relationship as I had so many times before with the show.



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