Review of Seriously…I’m Kidding

The following is probably an unpopular opinion: I did not love Ellen’s book Seriously…I’m Kidding. It was like one of those movies that made the same joke over and over again and probably could have been an hour shorter. Don’t get me wrong: I love Ellen. She has an amazing personality and she’s great at her job and making people laugh. That personality shines through in this book and made the beginning really truly enjoyable and lovable and heart-warming. However, the jokes soon felt over-played and the sarcasm was overwhelming. I get that the title comes into effect here because she’s kidding- but at some point the whole book became a sort of stand up routine with pauses for laughter and forced quirkiness. Maybe it’s my fault for expecting this to read as a silly memoir and instead getting a joke book- my love for Ellen made my expectations too high. While I did initially enjoy the writing style and the conversational tone as well as the hilarity that is Ellen, about halfway through I was dying for something more.

Have you read Ellen’s book? Agree/Disagree? Experienced disappoint in a popular author or celebrity figure in terms of a book they’ve written? Let me know in the comments!



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