A Pinterested Valentine’s Day

Hey guys!

I thought I’d post my Valentine’s Day gift for my boyfriend in case anyone needs a last minute idea! This is our third Valentine’s day together, and we don’t really have a tradition. Our first year we went out to eat and gave little gifts, last year we ate in with my parents and did no gifts, and this year we aren’t actually spending the day together. However, we are still celebrating- just on Wednesday instead!

My lovely man already gave me my gift- he paid for my ski rentals from this past weekend. It’s the most thoughtful gift he could have given me, because I was stressed about the money, and I’m trying to lose weight so a box of chocolates would increase my stress! He’s just the best and really knows me so well.

For him, I’ve been writing every single day this past year about what he has done to make me happy or make me love him that day. And also- truffles! Truffles are delicious and one of his favorite treats! This time I made them with oreos so it was chocolatey and delicious (and yes- I taste-tested to confirm!). All you do is mix a package of oreos (crushed or food processed) with a brick of slightly softened cream cheese, then form it into small balls. However, this time I molded them to flat surface (on non-stick foil) and let them harden up a bit in the fridge. Then, I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter and made them into hearts! Once they were in heart shapes, I melted white chocolate, dunked them in it so they were covered, and sprinkled with red crystal sprinkles. They came out pretty adorable!

I will say this: they are deliciously addictive, and massively sweet. Proceed with caution!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Do you and your bae have any traditions? Let me know in the comments!


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