The Bachelor

I understand that many people see Corinne as the enemy and are wondering what Nick is doing, but to them I say: be patient! Nick has fallen in love on this show twice, and at this point he knows himself, the process, and the journey better than anyone. Give him time! Sure, his actions, conversations, and looks are coming across as a bit creepy and weird, but let him have his moment. Finally people like him and want him to find love, finally he gets to not be the villain, finally he gets some positive attention! Let him have his fun; he’s endured more than his share of pain at the hands of this show.

Things will turn around for Nick. They always do. Once the number of contestants begins to whittle down (say, to 6 or 7), the seriousness of the show will increase significantly. Nick isn’t going to be messing around or wasting his time this season. We just have to be patient and wait for the fun, giddiness of the season to wear off. Corinne won’t be around forever, and he’ll find a girl who is level-headed, spunky, and passionate to fit into his life. Nick just needs some time to get over this “I’m the Bachelor” power-trip, which almost every bachelor/bachelorette goes through, before he really settles into evaluating his emotions and finding his wife!

What do you think of the season so far? Who is in your top 4? Let me know in the comments!



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