New Year, New HEART!

This year I decided to stick with my Day Designer and make some HEART goals instead of SMART goals. Each letter of HEART stands for something different: Help Yourself, Everyone Else, Attitude & Academics, Resources, and Trade & Career. Accordingly, I have set some goals for myself to make 2017 the best year yet. As always, I have fitness goals, reading goals, and blogging goals; most of which I typically never reach. However, I have decided to bolster those goals with some that are essential to my happiness, for a more well-rounded year.

Help Yourself:

  • Yoga & Meditation (starting out with once a week!)
  • New Recipes (2 per month)
  • Exercise (starting with 3-4 days a week)

Everyone Else:

  • Weekly Updates
  • Monthly Dates with different family members, especially the little ones!

Attitude and Academics:

  • Read 15 Books (I know, same goal as last year, but I barely made it this year with my job and commute taking up so much time!)


  • Stick to my budget
  • Start Saving
  • Pay off Student Loans

Trade and Career:

  • Blog (hopefully once a week!)


I hope your goals for 2017 leave you feeling positive, inspired, and ready for the year ahead!

Kass ❤ xo


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