One Last Namaste

My yoga instructor tearfully said “Namaste” for the last time in our building. The company who was letting our classes use the back room was moving, and we cannot afford to pay to keep the space open for yoga. It was almost two years of growing together in both physical and mental capacities. There’s almost no way to explain the feeling of connection I have to the place and the people that have watched and help me grown as a yogi and a human being.

The greatest thing about yoga is that it’s a practice. There’s no “end game” and nothing to say “I’ve made it! I’m done!” It’s not like running a marathon, or finishing up a 30 day workout plan. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a change in perspective. It’s a deep breath when the going gets a tough, it’s waterfall after a long day, it’s a book and a cup of tea on the weekends… it’s getting in tune with who you were, who you are now, and who you are becoming.

Although this change is a roadblock to overcome, my yoga practice will see me through it. It’s about breathing in energy, possibility, patience, and discipline, while breathing out anything that will not serve me in the next chapter of my practice, and for 2017 in general. Here’s to a year of dealing with negative change and changing my outlook to be more positive!


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