Veronica Roth’s Allegiant

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not finished the book- do not read, I repeat, DO NOT READ!

I must warn you- I’m a little disgruntled about the ending of the book, so this post may come across as a bit of a rant. However, I will try to keep it together.

I have read Roth’s explanation for killing Tris on her blog, and I understand. From a creative, authorial point of view, I truly understand and even believe it was the right choice. The reader in me, however, is screaming uncontrollably, crying, and swearing off books forever. I mean, come on, you can’t kill Tris! I knew the second that Four felt like he was at peace with their relationship and happy that they wouldn’t end up together, but I really thought he would have been the one to die, not Tris! I thought it was a bit of a cop-out to add Four’s point of view to the third book, when it hadn’t been there for the rest of the series, just to give Tris’ death more impact (and trust me, it didn’t need any help). I really enjoyed Four’s point of view and learning about him, I just wish it was there for the other two books as well because that would have given it a better flow and make sense in the end. Also, Tris’ death wouldn’t be quite so catastrophic, because readers would have gotten to know Four as well. On the other hand, the series was really about Tris’ personal journey, so omitting Four’s point of view completely would be how I would have done it (though I am not an author- let alone a well-known and respected one).

I also think the backstory could have been explained a little better. I’m still a little confused about Tris’ parents story and everything that went down, including the Edith Prior part, and more insight about Caleb would have been helpful, too. I found Tris and Four’s arguing to be irritating, which means that Roth did a good job of making it realistic! Obviously two stubborn, headstrong people under stress whose world has been turned upside down will have some trust issues and many, many arguments. It was very annoying, but I think that was intentional. I know when I was younger I had ridiculous arguments with my boyfriends all the time, and this just reminded me of that (hence the annoyance). Despite all of this, I truly enjoyed the series and the concept as a whole. The world that Roth created is exceptionally well thought-out and delightful. I wonder if she created the city for Tris, or created Tris for the city.

Let me know what you all think- will you be reading the series anytime soon? Are you upset about the ending as well? Do you think Tris came full circle? Let’s talk about it!



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