Annus Mirabilis

Each and every year, we laugh, drink, and cheer as the clock strikes midnight, usually saying good riddance to the year that’s passed, and hoping the year to come will be an annus mirabilis. It’s silly though, to be so concerned with labeling a year as either “good” or “bad” because both exist in a month, week, day, and even hour- let alone an entire year. There are 525,600 minutes in a year- most of which are spent in reaction to the events around us- so how could there not be minutes that are joyful and celebratory, while also having minutes full of pain and desperation? And if we focus so much on labeling the entire year, it takes away from every moment that doesn’t fall under the umbrella of “good” or “bad,” so is it really worth it to sweep up every moment into one, or are they all important in their own right?

For me, 2015 held a lot of happy memories. I celebrated a year of dating the man I love, held my baby cousins, went to my cousin’s wedding, went to country concerts, turned 21, visited Atlantic City, interned with amazing students in Camden, started practicing yoga, traveled to the Dominican Republic, saw Shakespeare plays, and had a wonderful garden. 2015 also had a lot of sad memories. Ones that were anxiety-filled, irritating, and truly disappointing. I lost some friends, said some hurtful words, and disrespected my body.

It’s impossible for me to reflect on the year and only focus on one or the other. It wasn’t all good, but it wasn’t all bad. Will this year be an annus mirabilis? Maybe. It could be. But I don’t want to pressure myself to make it that way, and I hope you don’t either. Everything happens for a reason- follow your head and your heart and you will not be led astray.


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