Insurgent Review

Over the weekend I read the second book in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series: Insurgent. Since I have already seen the movie, I was really surprised at many of the events in the novel, and the overall plot sequence, because it was so different from the movie. I know, cliche right? But so true! It gave me a deeper insight into Tris and Four’s relationship, as well as the inner demons Tris has been fighting since she killed Will. Plus, I was able to understand why she wanted to die at Erudite headquarters. The book was able to convey an emotion and a relatability that the movie lacked. For all those interested in Roth’s work, or in similar works (The Hunger GamesThe Maze Runner, etc.) I definitely recommend it. Even if you’ve already seen the movies- still check out the book! While the Divergent duo were rather similar, these two differed on many levels and should be treated as such. Enjoy!


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