First Kiss

“First Kiss”

My head rests on your shoulder-

strong, reassuring, warm- where

it’s been a hundred moments before

this one, yet it feels special. New.

I wonder if you can feel my breath

graze your neck so I count as I

breathe- air goes in, 1, 2, 3- air goes

out, 1, 2, 3- a feeble attempt to conceal

my nerves, you must be able to feel the

quickening thud of my heart beating against

your chest, rising to the climax of this

twenty seconds before you finally

reveal yourself to me. Somewhere in

me, three voices battle: one to stay,

one to move forward, one to slouch back

into the comfort of this ridiculous, one-sided


And then it happened. You pressed your

bottom lip against mine with such gentle

caution- I thought I imagined it. That

moment made me yours; I already was, but

at last you chose me in return.


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