Zucchini, Pepper, and Lettuce- Oh MY!

Hey Everyone!

As you all know I’m a little nuts about my garden, and now that it’s July the production portion of it’s life has begun! About two weeks ago I started bringing in the veggies with the beautiful basket my boyfriend bought me for our anniversary. The amount of zucchini we have eaten, given way, and stare at in the kitchen is incredible! I’m slightly concerned that after this big boom of zucchini, the plants will stop producing as much, but we’ll wait and see what happens. I don’t think we had quite this many zucchini last year, but all 4 plants are growing successfully!

IMG_5469 IMG_5332

This is the best my peppers have ever done as well! I’ve pulled in a bunch (we have bell, cubanelle, jalapeno, and anaheim) and the plants are still going- and the peppers are a decent size too! I’m not sure why they look so good this year as compared to previous years, but I’m not complaining! In fact, last night I made some amazing jalapeno poppers… Slice the pepper in half, scrape out seeds, fill with cream cheese, wrap with bacon, bake in oven until the bacon gets crispy- trust me on this one!


See, you’re drooling, right?

The tomatoes haven’t turned red yet, but when they do we are all in trouble. I think I need to get out there and do some pruning, but I’ve never done it before so I’m not totally sure that I know what I’m doing- but it’s all a learning process! The eggplant are starting to come in, the lettuce are steadily producing, and the broccoli get bigger every day. I’m slightly worried about my cucumbers, which always look like they are struggling, and I’m not sure where I went wrong with the spinach, but that’s pretty much a goner at this point too.

The watermelon and cantaloupe are starting to grow, so it’s only a matter of time before they are ready to be picked! I can’t wait!


If you have any gardening questions or tips, please leave them in the comments below! I love to hear your thoughts!


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