Bachelorette Week 7!

…Week 6 Continued

Shawn says “are you in love with me?” She says she’s falling in love. He just says how it’s hard and whatnot and he doesn’t know if he can do this. She says he just has to decide if he can do it. Kaitlyn is worried he knows about what happened with Nick and feels guilty- it kind’ve speaks to her level of trust in Nick. She says her feelings for Shawn are overwhelming- whatever that means. And then: “my heart would break if Shawn left.”

Two-on-One Date: Joe and JJ. Boat ride to “Irelands Eye” Island where they have a nice picnic waiting for them. Joe says he’s never felt this way before and tells her he’s falling in love with her. JJ tells her that 3 years ago he cheated on his wife, and that it was a mistake that ruined his life. She sends JJ home but doesn’t give Joe the rose yet. They take a boat to a romantic candlelit setting and she says Joe made her feel good and laugh, and then he gets the rose.

Cocktail Party: Shawn says that off-camera Kaitlyn said “It’s you. You’re the one.” He’s just really taking it so hard. Shawn goes to her room again. So Kaitlyn is having regrets about reassuring Shawn and sleeping with Nick. Ben H has a conversation about what happened with Shawn in San Antonio, he just wants to know if there is a future or if he’s just spinning his wheels. It was a good conversation and he was definitely an adult about it. Nick cries lol. He shows her how he feels and how scared he is that he’s too confident because he was confident last season and got his heart broken.

Rose Ceremony: Nick, Jared, Joe, Ben H, Chris, Shawn

No Rose: JJ, Tanner, Ben Z

Week 7 Send Home Predictions: Chris, Shawn, Joe

Jared and Kaitlyn drive to Killarney together while everyone else takes the bus. Blarney Stone castle- kiss the stone together! They are really cute and had a great time.


One-on-One: Chris: “Let’s take our love to the edge.” Helicopter comes to pick them up. They go to a cliffside and it’s so beautiful. She cries and says he’s great but her heart is elsewhere and she doesn’t see a future with him. She says she feels like something is wrong with her because he’s everything she wants but she just doesn’t feel it. She leaves. Chris is really upset, but he seems to understand while simultaneously saying she’s a mess and isn’t ready. Then he starts bawling- it’s embarrassing and adorable.


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