BB17 Premiere

Night 1!

Cast: James, Meg, Jace (Hayden? Lol), Audrey, Austin, Shelli, Da’Vonne, Clay

Audrey announces that she is the first transgender to be on Big Brother! Everyone has a great reaction and comment on her bravery.

Audrey, Shelli, and Da’Vonne form an alliance. ON THE FIRST DAY.

The twists begin! Twist #1: Battle of the Block is back! So that means that every week there will be 2 HOH’s and 4 houseguests on chopping block who will compete in pairs. The winning duo will save themselves and dethrone HOH that nominated them.

1st HOH COMP: 1 person has to sit out! Da’Vonne volunteers.

BB Films Premiere of UF oh no! It got horrible reviews so they get tomatoes thrown at them! “Flying Tomatoes!” First to catch 10 wins, fall off the platform and you’re out!

Meg, Austin, and Clay are out first, then the remaining 4 fall off at the same time! Instant replay says that James wins!

Twist #2: BB Takeover- new twist every week!

Twist #3: Twin Twist- both twins compete as one person- but no one knows!!!!! If they survive the first 5 evictions then they both get to enter individually!

Night 2!

Cast: Liz, Jason, Vanessa, John, Becky, Steve

But…there are 2 empty seats at the table!

#BBTakeover: Phil Cogan (Amazing Race Host) Showed videos of Jeff and Jordan and Rachel and Brendan doing the Amazing Race. So Jeff and Jackie from Amazing Race will enter BB house!

2nd HOH- 1 person has to sit out again, Vanessa volunteers.

UF Oh no! continues! These contestants are actually in the film! UFO is trying to suck them up to the mother ship- they only have a stake to hold in order to save them! They get squirted with green slime during the comp. Steve goes first! Jeff is next- but kind of does it on purpose. John, Becky, then Liz. Jackie makes a deal with Jason right before she falls off and Jason wins.

#BBTakeover- Da’Vonne and Vanessa: “With risk, sometimes comes reward.” End episode!

This season is off to a great start! I’ll be posting weekly recaps (3 recaps a week is just insane!) so keep an eye out for them!


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