Bachelorette Weeks 5 & 6!

Hey guys! So sorry I forgot to recap last week! Here are weeks 5 & 6 for you!

End of Week 4…

Nick officially introduces himself to the guys. He tells them he’s not here to cause drama or create a scene,  he just wanted to meet her. The guys are pretty fair about it. He seems to convince most of them that he’s here for her and says he hopes they respect why he’s here. Joshua is super against it, with Shawn not far behind.

Cocktail Party: At CitiField! Shawn is tough on Kaitlyn. She says she trusts what she’s feeling and he seems to be reassured.

Rose Order: Justin, Jared, Chris, Ben H, Ben Z, Shawn, Tanner, Joe, Ian, JJ, Joshua, Nick

No Rose: Jonathan, Corey, Ryan B

Now for my week 5 “send home” predictions: Ian, Joshua, Tanner


First One-on-One Date: Ben H: “Let’s take our love one step at a time.” They get in an old, red Ford truck to start the date. They go to the oldest dance hall in Texas and get taught how to dance the two-step because they are entering two-step dance competition. They feel comfortable together and look like they’re having fun. They get tapped out in the second song, but they had fun and they look so cute together! Ben opens up to her about his past relationship and she gives him the rose. I love these two together!

Second Date: Ian, Chris, JJ, Joe, Joshua, Nick, Ben Z, Justin, Tanner “I love a man in uniform” They are writing mariachi songs for Kaitlyn and performing them in the square. They get dressed up and everything! It’s hilarious and they all have fun. The guys all seem to be okay with Nick except for Joshua. Joshua lets Kaitlyn give him a haircut and it does not go well. Josh tells Kaitlyn that all the guys are upset about Nick, and then she calls him out about it, and it does not go well for Josh. Then Kaitlyn gives Nick the rose. Yikes.

Third Date: Shawn. He starts off saying how much he doesn’t trust Nick in his interview. Argh. They go kayaking down the riverwalk! He stands up for Josh. She tells him that if at the end of it, it’s them, it’ll be worth it. He feels confident and reassured by their convo. He opens up to her about his car accident. He tells her that he’s falling in love with her. She tells him she feels the same way. He gets the rose. They get into a canoe and watch fireworks! They are so cute and I’m so happy about it.

Cocktail Party: She says she wants honesty and partnership. Ian says he doesn’t think Kaitlyn is interesting and that he would much rather be the bachelor because he’s not getting enough attention or whatever from her. And then he says she’s not half as hot as his ex-girlfriend. Kaitlyn takes Jared to her room. Jared tells Kaitlyn he’s falling in love with her, it’s really sweet. OMG Ian is being so rude! He tells her that she’s a surface-level person.

And episode end…

Week 6!

More Ian drama: he says that she’s not here to find a husband, she tells him that she’s super-offended. He says she’s too shallow for him and he’s too complex for her. “I’m not lame like the other guys.” She says the guys that she’s connecting with and can see as a husband don’t question her. She hopes they don’t. The guys are all shocked. Nick goes to talk to her and he tells her all the things he loves about her. She tells him that it’s different with him and that she wants to have those deep conversations that Ian was looking for with him. Shawn says that every time he sees Kaitlyn with another guy, kissing another guy, he starts to question everything. Kaitlyn says that intimacy is really important to her and she doesn’t care if she’s a makeout bandit right now because it’s forever.


Rose Order: Ben H, Nick, Shawn, Jared, Chris, JJ, Joe, Ben Z, Tanner

No Rose: Ian, Justin, Joshua

Here come my week 6 send home predictions: Chris, Tanner, Joe

One-on-One Date: Nick. Lol they are walking around the park and the birds are there and she’s scared it’s hilarious and you should go look it up on youtube or something. They learn/try to riverdance on the streets. He buys them rings. They makeout a lot. She seems happy. He says some nice things about wanting to be with her. They kiss constantly and he keeps talking about their physical chemistry. Kaitlyn says their chemistry is intense. Romantic, emotional, physical, great conversation. She says it’s one of the most magical dates. They have a fancy candlelit dinner. She says she’s falling for him. They makeout constantly. They can’t keep their hands off each other. He gets the rose. “Nick makes me feel like a woman, a desired woman.” She says she doesn’t want the night to end, and invites him back to her hotel room to “hangout.” “I get caught up in this world when I’m with Nick that I’m not used to. I forget the cameras and that there’s other people involved and it feels like it’s just me and him.” She feels like everything is there- chemistry, emotions, etc. The next morning… She says that he has everything she is looking for. And she says she feels guilt because of the other guys. Joe tells Nick that Shawn also got some alone time which definitely made NIck feel a little insignificant but whatevs.

Group Date: Tanner, Ben Z, Shawn, Jared, Ben H, Chris: Irish Wake. They all give her a eulogy, Ben Z asks the guys to leave room to give her a more personal, heartfelt message. Then they sing songs and whatnot, Irish Wake style. Finish the date at the Guiness Factory. Ben Z tells her he’s never been so open. Her and Jared are so adorable together. Shawn shows her pictures of his family. She gives the rose to Jared and they go to a private concert of The Cranberries in a church. Jared says he didn’t expect to fall this hard for a girl. Shawn takes not getting the rose pretty hard. He’s saying how she said he was the one and he’s not gonna make it and he wants to cry and he can’t do it and trust is so important to him. End of episode.

Stay tuned for the remainder of week 6 including the dreaded 2-on-1 for JJ and Joe!


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