Everything We Need is Within Us

Hey Everyone!

My yoga teacher said a few words at the end of class last week that I really wanted to share with you. “Appreciate the physical body and feel gratitude that you are here and able to participate in this practice with us. At the same time, remember that our physical body does not define who we are. We are not the size of our clothes, the color of our hair, or the makeup we wear. Everything we need is within us.” I hope these words are helpful to you wherever you are in your life. Body image and appearance is important to everyone, but we cannot forget who we are on the inside, and how much more important that is than what we look like.

On another note, yoga itself is doing wonders for me. I have felt so much more at peace, even on my worst days. And I’m definitely improving in my practice, slowly, but improvement nonetheless. If you are interested in trying yoga, I encourage you to just go for it. Look up a local class for beginners and sign up! Tell the instructor that you are new to the practice so that they are sure to help you with the proper technique if you feel you are struggling. Even if you don’t like it- there’s no harm in trying.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried yoga in the past, what your favorite poses are, or if you want to give yoga a try!


2 thoughts on “Everything We Need is Within Us

  1. I love this! This is definitely something to keep in mind–that we are not solely our physical bodies and what is most important is what is on the inside. I take weekly yoga classes as well and LOVE them! So helpful at finding inner peace. Great post!

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