Bachelorette Week 4

Okay everyone…Week 4 is over!

The episode starts with the completion of Week 3: Kaitlyn takes Clint aside. He is spewing out the most ridiculous words about having to overcome stuff and blah blah blah. She says she’s done and that she doesn’t trust him. Then, as she’s telling the guys that Clint is going home and to say goodbye to him, JJ interrupts her and tells Clint that he needs to apologize to everyone. The guys are not impressed at the way he just threw his best friend under the bus. LOL CLINT AND JJ FIGHT!!! Lol Clint goes home. LOL JJ CRIES! (Ahem.. sorry about all of the ‘lol’ing but..come on.) No Rose Ceremony at all. She feels too good about the guys she has left.

So, now for my Week 4 Send Home Predictions: JJ, Corey, Joshua, Tanner

The group travels to New York City!

First Group Date: Jonathan, Justin, Ben Z, Corey, Ryan, Tanner, JJ, Shawn “Let’s keep our love fresh.” Doug E. Fresh the rapper is there to help them do an authentic hip hop rap battle in front of a live audience. Shawn vs Justin, Corey vs JJ, Ben Z vs Tanner, Jonathan vs Ryan. LOL IT’S TOTALLY AWESOME! They are so bad, but so awesome.

NICK VIAL AND ASHLEY IACONETTI IN THE CROWD. Kaitlyn says she became friends with Nick on social media and they texted a little. He says he wanted to meet her before she potentially got engaged, but he understands if it’s too late, and she tells him she just wants to think about it. She tells the guys on the date that she wants to bring someone else on, but doesn’t want to hurt anyone. It makes the guys question their relationships because they feel like she isn’t confident in them 100%. She goes to see Nick and says she doesn’t know what to do. They kiss. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. She says she’s still not sure and wants to sleep on it. Tanner is very adamant that the way Nick treated Andi on live TV isn’t good. Justin says if she feels like she needs to bring another person, than she should do it- he gets the rose. The guys come home and tell everyone else.

One-on-One: Jared. “Let’s reimagine the night we first MET.” FIRST, she asks Nick to meet her after she gets her hair done. SHE TALKS TO CARLY THE CRAZY ONE ABOUT IT ALL! Carly tells Kaitlyn it’s just lust. Then, when Kaitlyn meets with Nick, he tells her he’s not there to be the villain. She says she thinks she would regret if she let him go home. Thinking of the guys, Nick says he hopes they can respect why he’s there because he just wants to follow his heart. They kiss more. So, the date, at the MET. They are both dressed to the nines and look incredible. He says, I think you’re amazing and there’s no where else I’d rather be. She admits (to the cameras) that she’s not giving him her full attention because she’s stressed about Nick. She asks him what he thinks, and he is very pointedly like- this is my date, I don’t want to talk about him.. but he tells her that he wants her to feel like she knows 100% and it won’t change how he feels. She says that every minute gets better with him. He wrote her some rhyming lines of poetry, they kiss, he gets the rose. They get in a helicopter and fly near the Statue of Liberty. She’s like, MAYBE I DON’T NEED NICK. What. Kaitlyn. Get it together.

Second Group Date: Ian, Chris, Joe, Joshua, Ben H “Let’s play!” They go to a theater to perform Aladdin! They put them through an audition, but only one person can win. Chris wins. They had a good time. They go to the top of some building and hang out near the NYE Ball and he gets the rose.

As is the theme this season, they end the episode when something dramatic is about to happen (maybe that’s our cue that every week is going to be crazy dramatic), so the episode ended with Nick knocking on the door to move in with the guys. Here we go. See ya’ll next week!


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