Bachelorette Week 3

Well, week 3 of The Bachelorette has come and gone and I must say, it was a rather disappointing week. First of all, the drama with Kupah ended immediately- so there was really no reason to make a big deal out of it last week. And AGAIN they decided to not show a Rose Ceremony. YOU’RE KILLING ME, ABC. KILLING ME. So I’m not totally sure how I feel about the way this season is going to go because there is so much drama this early on, but I’m trying my best to be hopeful for Kaitlyn!

The episode starts out with the Rose Ceremony from the previous week, the Rose Order goes like this: Ben Z, Clint, JJ, Jared, Ben H, Shawn, Jonathan, Tanner, Chris, Ryan, Justin, Ian, Joshua, Joe, Corey, and Tony. Kupah, Daniel, and Cory with no E were all sent home. I feel like the decisions she made were solid, although I was confused that she chose Tony to stay and sent Cory home, but she said she felt like he should be home with his child. I respect that she knew her heart well enough to know that there was not enough between them for him to stay when he could be with his child.

Then the real drama starts. The first group date is Sumo Wrestling. Awesome. I don’t know if I would ever do it, but props to these guys for wearing those awful thongs (especially Joe, who really let it all hang loose) and battling fearlessly with a world champion sumo wrestler all while having a great time. Except for Tony, of course. He gets all upset and has (what I can find no other words to describe) a meltdown. He’s so hurt and doesn’t understand why everything has to be about violence and he wants to show her his sides and why can’t they go to the zoo and make animal noises (like I said…meltdown). To everyone’s relief, he decides to go home on his own. But the drama doesn’t end there because Clint decides to show his true personality and America finds out what an ass he is being about the situation. I was floored. But hey, I’ll start from the beginning. First, he declares that he’s not going to go up to Kaitlyn and try to talk to her because if she feels anything for him she’ll make an effort to talk to him. She doesn’t because HELLO, SHE’S THE BACHELORETTE AND THAT IS YOUR JOB! So at first I’m just thinking he’s confused and making poor decisions. BUT THEN he says that he is starting to realize she is not the kind of girl he wants to date, BUT his other relationships in the house are very strong. Later on in the episode as the other dates are happening, the camera shows A LOT of footage with JJ and Clint being so close it almost seems homosexual- but you know producers are always messing with everything to make it seem one way when it’s really not. So who knows. Plus, that’s not even the issue- I’m glad the guys become friends. The issue is that he said he had to get a rose to continue to hang out and get to know JJ- not Kaitlyn. Like, what? You guys can be friends whenever! This girl is looking for a husband and you are going to be fake to her about it so you can have a friend?! Just give him your number and get lunch when it’s over! Don’t mess with someone’s feelings! You’re 27 years old, get it together!

Okay, that rant is over. The rest of the week went rather nicely! I’m a huge fan of Shawn, so I’m glad he got the rose for the first group date! Then, Chris Harrison chooses the man and plans the date for the one-on-one. And it is scary. They are locked in this dark room and they need to find a code and there are creepy things everywhere and SNAKES- REAL, LIVING SNAKES! Ben Z takes care of her and they bond over facing their fears together which is very sweet. I think Ben Z is a good guy, so I’m also pleased that he got a rose and gets to continue on in this journey!

The next group date is hilarious. She takes the guys to a school (with a classroom of child actors) and they teach sex ed. LOL. They all do terribly, except for Ben H, who is really sweet and good with the kids. He ends up getting the rose and they kiss. The date is altogether drama-free and enjoyable to watch. At the Cocktail Party, Kaitlyn kisses Justin, upping her kiss count to 10. She mentions that her relationship with Joshua is moving way too slow. I honestly don’t think he’ll be able to get there in the time needed for this process, but he really is a sweet guy and I’m hopeful that he won’t give up after this. He’ll find love and be happy, I just know it.

Stay tuned for next week when we’ll find out who makes it through the Rose Ceremony and what happens with Clint!


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