Bachelorette Recap Week 2

Week 2 is over! So much to say about all the guys already! I feel the need to start off this recap in stating how annoyed I am that we did not get to see a Rose Ceremony so we don’t know who gets sent home- I need closure people!  So, my predictions to get sent home this week (though we won’t know if I was right until next week) were Corey, Kupah, Jonathan, and Tony. I make my predictions before the start of the episode so I am only basing these predictions on the previous week! Anyway, this week included two group dates and a one-on-one date- let’s see how it all panned out!

The first group date included: Daniel, Justin, Jared, Corey, Tanner, Kupah, Ben H., and Ben Z. The date card said: “I see this ending with a ring.” It’s a boxing date! Fun idea in theory, but I will never understand why every single season there is at least one date that includes physical contact between the men. HELLO! THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR THE SAME GIRL! Not only do they want to impress her, but they also want to show each other that they are tough and shouldn’t be messed with. Duh- what is taking you so long to figure that out ABC?!?! Oh well. So Laila Ali comes and the guys go through a workout- it all goes great except Kupah doesn’t show Kaitlyn any attention throughout the course of the workout. She actually forgot he was there. After the workout they do a single elimination tournament which looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 3.29.45 PM

Winners in orange. Naturally in the final fight Ben Z hits Jared in the back of the head and he gets sent to the hospital. But he stops by and sends Kaitlyn a note that says “Come downstairs right now I need to see you.” They go for a little walk and kiss. Kaitlyn also has a great conversation with Ben Z: they love to cook (he especially loves to BBQ and the both love the holidays. He also tells her the story of how his mom died at 14. She gives him the rose, and they kiss. For those of you keeping track at home- she is one date in and has already kissed 4 guys: Shawn, Chris, Jared, and Ben Z.

Next up is the one-on-one date! She chooses Clint to go, which takes me by surprise, and the date card says: “You take my breath away.” It’s an underwater photo shoot date! So cool! They end up kissing all day and she remarks that the connection and chemistry was very real and natural- I really like these two together! He seems like such a genuine guy! She tells him that he brings out her romantic side and he gets a rose.

The second group date included JJ, Jonathan, Joshua, Chris, Ian, Joe, Tony. The date card said: “I’m looking for a man who will stand up to me.” It’s a stand-up comedy date! Amy Schumer comes and is hilarious! The guys struggle to come up with their acts, but once they get onstage and perform for a real crowd, they are actually pretty darn funny! Well, except for Tony, who is rather awkward all the time. He tells Kaitlyn she’s like a combination lock…. so awkward. She has a conversation with JJ about his daughter, they kiss. Joe kisses her- they are so cute together- he says all the right things. I really like Joe I think he’s sweet and I hope he sticks around. She gives JJ the rose.

Cory, Ryan B, and Shawn did not receive a date this week.

Then comes the cocktail party. JJ steals her away immediately, even though he already has a rose. So everyone gets pissed at him. It might just be the way the camera is portraying him, but it seems like he’s really being a douche. He actually says that he feels smugness, cockiness, and confidence all wrapped up together. In other news, Ian tells her about his car accident. She says he’s one of the most compassionate people she’s ever met and they kiss. Then the drama starts. Kupah and Kaitlyn have a conversation and he is putting pressure on her to make a connection and not waste anyone’s time and says he doesn’t know if she’s real. She says she felt like they had a connection until now and she says she doesn’t feel it anymore because he questioned her so much. Once he realizes she did feel something for him, he says he wants to be here and compliments her and it’s very weird. He then goes and tells the guys about their conversation and she heard him talking about it loudly and then basically just said he has to leave and he says that’s fucked up and that he doesn’t want to go home because he thinks she’s hot and sexy. She’s like: uh, I have other qualities, too, but thanks. It’s very awkward. Then he starts yelling at the camera guys and she runs outside and it’s over. THAT’S WHERE THEY END THE EPISODE. Are ya kidding me?! Guess we’ll find out more next week.

So, as of now she’s kissed 8 guys: Chris, Shawn, Jared, Ben Z., Clint, JJ, Joe, and Ian.

The most annoying guys are definitely JJ & Tony. My favorites are Shawn, Clint, Joe, Ben H., Jared, Justin, Joshua, and Cory. Though I feel I should share with you that I’ve determined my picks for the season: Ben H., Ben Z., Clint, Jared, Justin, and Shawn.

Oh yeah, Britt and Brady are dating! They showed footage of him asking to be her boyfriend, and then they instagrammed a couple of pictures together, so hopefully they’ll be happy together!

Stay tuned for next week!


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