Bachelorette Season 11 Week 1

Whew! The first two episodes of the Bachelorette are over! This recap will be brief because the first night was so confusing- but in the future these will be more in depth.

First- it was very awkward having two bachelorettes to start with. I think there is a way it could work- but it makes me very skeptical of the guys who previously chose Britt. I’m just not sure if everything was thought-out as far as emotions go or if it was done mainly for ratings. As I’ve already said, the majority of the guys chose Kaitlyn to stay. I genuinely believe that either woman would have been a wonderful bachelorette, but I’m glad it’s Kaitlyn because it takes her much longer to open up and I think that Britt will find love in her own way because she is also an amazing person.

Oh- but before they chose, Ryan M. got personally sent home by Chris Harrison for being too drunk. Lol. There have been many, many first night drunks in the past- but none this bad. I feel very awkward for him that all of America saw him act like a jackass.

Chris, a 28 year old dentist from Nashville (who rolled up in a Cupcake), got the first kiss of the night. He is super cute and (as expected from a dentist) his smile is phenomenal.

Shawn B, a 28 year old personal trainer from Windsor Locks, Connecticut, gets first impression rose. Right out of the limo, he had told her, “I came here for you,” which clearly made an impression on her. He is thrilled and tells her he’s “already crushing on her,” and they kiss.

Kaitlyn says she is confident that the guys are there for her, no matter what has happened with Britt.

Rose Order: Chris, Ben H, JJ, Joe, Kupah, Daniel, Ryan B, Joshua, Tony, Clint, Corey, Jonathan, Cory, Ben Z, Tanner, Ian, Justin, Jared

But don’t forget, halfway through the ceremony Brady, a 33 year old singer/songwriter from Nashville, steps up and tells Kaitlyn that his heart is with Britt and he leaves to chase after her, saying: “the risk of love, whatever the consequence, is always worth it.” Sweet.

Sent Home: Bradley (25 year old international auto-shipper from Atlanta), David (28 year old real estate agent from Orlando), Josh (27 year old law student and exotic dancer), and Shawn E (31 year old sex coach from Canada- also the guy who showed up in a literal carpool). Plus, Ryan M, 28 year old junkyard specialist from Kansas City.

The previews look fairly intense: Nick Vial from Andi’s season comes back. And Kaitlyn has sex with someone and apparently it’s a big deal.

Stay tuned for next week!


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