Day 3: Not even 9AM

Well y’all, I must say I am rather proud of myself. This morning I shaved 27 seconds off my mile time for a 10:47. I am really really pumped to be back under 11 minutes- a time I never thought I’d reach this young. I was also about a minute faster on my two mile- but I’m not really keeping track of that. The biggest victory for me is that I only walked .12 of a mile for the first mile- when just TWO days ago I could only run .15 of a mile at a time. I am so proud of the strides I have already made (and the fact that I’m at 171.8 already when on Monday I was 177.4), but I know I have a long way to go. I want to celebrate the victories, but stay mindful of my goals.

Plus- all of this happened before 9AM! That’s unheard of for a college kid, or for summertime.

Hope your midweek is going well too- keep pushing!


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