Day 2: On the Floor

Well guys, day 2 workout was a killer. I pushed myself on the first mile of my run and did 8 seconds better (11:22 to 11:14). I ran at .25 mile intervals to start and then was a little wacky for the second mile but managed to shave a minute off of my overall time for 24:26 (as opposed to 25:36 yesterday). Unfortunately, that led to the workout afterwards being extremely difficult and I felt lightheaded doing it (writing this post from the floor of my kitchen, where I might be stranded for the day). 

In other news, even though I wasn’t planning on tracking my weight throughout this, I’m glad I stepped on the scale yesterday. At 177.4, I’m at my largest weight yet and officially obese according to the BMI chart. In addition to high cholesterol and an underactive thyroid. Plus, you can never discount the threat of diabetes. But, I had a great day of eating yesterday and was able to control my portion sizes and my snacking all while drinking at least half my body weight in ounces. So, the first day was a success, and I think today will be too.


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