Gotta Start Somewhere

Today is my first day home for the summer, which means it’s also my first day of working out and getting back into it. This semester was really rough, but now I’m ready to put time into myself, what me makes me happy, and what makes me healthy.

So my first day out was rather rough. I ran/walked 2.01 miles in 25 minutes. My average run distance was .15 miles. I pushed myself to run .25 miles at one point, to see if could do it, and I did. Hopefully these numbers improve as the weeks go on! I also did another mini workout afterwards. 15 jumping jacks, 30 squats, 15 pushups, 30 walking lunges (15 each leg), 2 :30 planks in a row, 30 squats, and 30 jumping jacks. Over time, these numbers will increase and the work will be getting easier. I just hope this is something I can stick to.

My goal is to do something cardio-esque every day: run, walk, bike, swim, hike, tennis, basketball, yoga, etc. plus the mini workout on the side- with one rest day for that. I’d also like to go to the gym more regularly- but I’ll stick with one thing at a time.

As far as diet- I’m not going to keep track because it will drive me crazy and lead to worse things…but I am going to focus on making better choices and having smaller portions.

As a side note- this isn’t something I’m doing for a “bikini body.” I’ve never had one because my legs and arms have always been too muscular. But I have a thyroid problem, high cholesterol, and back pain- so I’m doing this for my health. Although, being able to fit in my clothes will be a plus, I assume.

Are you starting over, too? What activities give you the most success and make you feel powerful?


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