March Ipsy Glam Bag Review!

Well, I’m almost caught up with all of my reviews, and since I just found out today that my May Birchbox is in the mail- I figured it’s about time I catch up!

March Ipsy Bag: Floral Fantasy

Items: LeeAnni Eco 3 in 1 Revolution, Crown Brush, Pixi by Petra, NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick, Pur-lisse Beauty soy milk cleanser and makeup remover.

Favorite Item: I use the lipstick from this bag almost every single day. It’s the perfect color my skin tone and I just love the brand. The color isn’t too bright that it’s the only thing someone notices about me, but it’s also bright enough that it’s worth wearing. It’s the perfect pop of color to brighten up my look! And when they say butter, they mean it! I love the consistency! I will definitely be buying this brand and product again- like I said, I use it almost every day.

The brush was also a great find because you can never have too many! Each brush serves a different purpose!

The Pixi is also good- I didn’t use it as highlighter/bronzer, which is what I believe it was intended for, but it makes really nice eyeshadow. I doubt I would buy it since I tend to buy my eyeshadow in palettes (it’s too hard to choose just one color!), but it’s nice to have for now!

The Pur-lisse Beauty Cleanser was a product that I was really excited about, but it didn’t deliver all that well. My face felt the same after using it as it did before, and I don’t really feel like it got cleaned any better than usual. The formula is really silky, but I like my cleanser to be a bit beadier to really exfoliate my pores.

Finally, I haven’t tried the LeeAnn Eco Revolution- and I’m not sure if I ever will. The brand packaging is not appealing to me and I would never pick it out at a Walgreens/CVS/Walmart or wherever. I mean, I’ll probably try it one day- but a day where I have nothing else planned so I won’t have to see actual human beings just in case.

Overall, pretty solid bag! I really enjoyed the range of products I received for this month!

March Ipsy


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