April Birchbox

April Birchbox: Fresh For Spring!

Products: Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator, Whish Three Whishes Body Butter, Supergoop! Daily Correct Color Cream SPF 35, POP Beauty POP Portfolio Eyeshadow Palette- Peach, Harvey Prince Hello Liquid Loofah

Favorite Product: POP Beauty Eyeshadow in Peach. This came with 3 eyeshadow colors and a brush. I use it almost everyday- the color is perfect for me and the consistency is nice as well. I can definitely see myself buying this brand in the future and would absolutely recommend it to my friends!

I really love the Harvey Prince Hello scent- and I also love body washes, so finding this in my box was a great surprise! While I was using it, I wasn’t sure about the “loofah” aspect of it, but once I got out of the shower I noticed how smooth my legs were, without even having to shave! I’m super impressed at how well it worked with my even knowing! At $22, it’s steep for body wash- but I could definitely see myself getting it again. And it would make the perfect gift!

The Three Whishes Body Butter: Wow. I am really impressed. It went on like butter, but then was almost weightless. I could feel the smoothness on my skin without the thickness of a cream!

The Vasanti Face Cleanser was surprisingly not that great. The exfoliating aspect of the cream was so fine that it hurt to rub onto my face- it felt like a sugar scrub that I’d use for my feet. Afterwards, my face felt smooth and clean, but I’m not sure if the pain of using it is worth it.

I haven’t tried the Supergoop CC Cream yet- but as you all know makeup and beauty products aren’t something that I’m used to and I’ve never had a need to this type of cream before, which is why I’m hesitant to try it because I’m not really sure how/when an appropriate time to use it is.

April Birchbox


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