February Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Okay- now my first Ipsy Glam Bag Review! I was really surprised at the quality of my first glam bag and was truly pleased with the variety of products I received for February!

February Glam Bag: #ipsylove

Products: Eva Up All Night Volumizing Spray, Cargo Cosmetics Mini Lip Gloss, Luxie Beauty Large Angled Face Brush, Pencil Me In Cosmetics Eyeliner, ModelCo Blush.

My favorite product this month is the Cargo Cosmetics lip gloss! It is a really light pink and complements my skin tone really well. It’s a little sticky- but it’s the first lip gloss that I really enjoy, so I definitely think I’ll be buying this in the future!

I also really love the Pencil Me In eyeliner- it’s a beautiful purple color and goes on really smooth. It comes with a really handy sharpener as well! This product is great- and I can definitely see myself buying from this brand again! The only reason it’s secondary to the lip gloss is because I don’t wear eyeliner too frequently.

The blush was a little too pink for me, but I actually find myself wearing a lot- today, actually! It was a nice change from my normal color, but I don’t find anything particularly special about it except that it doesn’t make my face look blotchy or weird, so I like that.

And now, I must admit, I have not tried the volumizing spray yet. I know, that’s crazy because why wouldn’t I try all my products right away, right? But I haven’t found myself in a situation where I’ve needed my hair to be volumized. Finally, it’s always great to have new brushes as I build my makeup store!

Feb Ipsy


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