January Birchbox

Hey Everyone!

So with the new year I decided to subscribe to 2 beauty boxes: Birchbox and Ipsy Glam Bag! Both are $10 per month, and both have brought so much joy to my life. I look forward to getting 10 new beauty products each month and it has definitely made me more interested in beauty overall. As a kid, I was always playing sports and getting dirty outside (when I wasn’t reading, inside!) and could care less for makeup. This is an exciting new part of my life, and I wanted to share it with all of you! It’s one of the few things that make me truly happy when I’m feeling super stressed! Since I have a total of 7 boxes to review..I’ll be doing them month by month in individual posts, starting with January.

January Birchbox: Let’s Do This!

In my January Birchbox I received: Dr. Lipp Originial Nipple Balm for Lips, amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, dr. brandt pores no more vacuum cleaner, theBalm cosmetics Cindy-Lou Manizer, and Not Soap, Radio Body Wash: Awash in a field of four leaf clovers.

My favorite product in this box is definitely the amika Dry Shampoo. It smells incredible and worked wonders for my morning routine! I will be buying this product without a doubt in the near future! I absolutely recommend it- a truly A+ product! You can purchase the full-size version for $21- pricey, but much better than the cheaper version I had been using before!

Dr. Lipp’s Nipple balm for lips was also a quality product- especially in the January weather. However, I can’t see myself spending $14.50 on something that has little more effect than chapstick.

The pores no more vacuum cleaner made my face feel nice and I enjoyed it, but I wish the sample size was larger so that I could get more use out of it- especially considering that it is $45 full price. I don’t think I know enough about makeup or skin products to vouch for something that costs so much- but there are endless reviews of the product on the Birchbox website.

theBalm cosmetics was basically a small powder highlighter that could also be used for eye-shadow. Because of it’s glittery aspect, I doubt I’ll be using it on my face, but it looked nice as an eye-shadow! However, this too is rather expensive at $24. I enjoy having it for now, but I doubt I’ll be purchasing it in the future based on price alone.

Finally, I wasn’t all that impressed with the Not Soap, Radio Body Wash. I felt like it didn’t lather the way I expect soap to, and though many commented that the smell was super strong- I didn’t notice it much. However, the packaging and brand is super adorable, and they have a variety of other scents as well! Rolling in at $16- it’s not too unreasonably priced. However, I think I’ll stick with my $5 store-brand soaps.

Overall, I loved the thrill of my first Birchbox! It should also be noted that every Birchbox comes with a helpful card explaining the product, it’s uses, and how much it is for a full-size product.

Stay tuned for the reviews of the other bags/boxes I’ve gotten!

Jan Birchbox


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