Today’s Thoughts

Being perfect is hard.

I know no one is perfect, but I can’t stop trying. I look at myself in the mirror and I look nice but I only see my imperfections. I do well on my work, but I want to be more organized or get it done without procrastinating. I want to take all my vitamins but I forget. I want to workout every day and eat right but I am tired and I love chocolate. I want to be responsible and not spend money unless I need to but I buy things anyway. I want to be on top of everything and get it all done in a timely fashion, but something always falls by the wayside. I want to keep my room clean but it’s always cluttered. I want to be productive but I really need a nap. I want to be a good girlfriend but I’m too needy. I want to be an innovative cook, but it’s not practical. I want to be a good friend to everyone, but I want time to be alone. I want to make everyone happy, but I can’t figure out how. I want to be happy, but I don’t know where to find positivity in my life.

I know that no one is perfect- but I can’t stop trying to be. I can accept the faults of others, but I can’t accept my own.


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