Seeing the whole of everything

Last night I finished A Room with a View by E.M. Forster. I must admit, it was lovely. At the end of the fall semester, I asked one of my professors if I could borrow any book of her choice. She gave me this one, remarking that it was “delightful.” The first few pages started slow as the scene was set, but quickly picked up as I found myself in the presence of a page turner. Written in 1908, it could easily be one of the earliest young adult novels- a genre dominated by John Green nowadays. I was quite surprised at how well my professor knew what kind of book I would enjoy because she hit the nail on the head.

The story is centered around Lucia (Lucy) Honeychurch and her succession through acceptance of her true self and love. It is also a wonderful commentary on gender roles, with Mr. Emerson and Mr. Beebe encouraging Lucy to break free from the dreadfully boring person society would prefer. There is travel, confusion (“muddle”), guidance, friendship, rebellion, family, and the kind of inevitable, almost necessary, love that pulls the plot along. Lucy, though she makes mistakes, is a heroine for following your heart and being the person that you want to be.

In the hopes that you will read it, I don’t want to give too much of the plot away! It’s a short read, but definitely worthwhile.

Comment your thoughts below if you’ve read it or have any book suggestions for me!


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