Guest Post: The Importance of Mentors for Educators

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By Susan Stone Kessler, Ed.D., April M. Snodgrass, M.Ed., and Andrew T. Davis, Ed.D., authors of the forthcomingThe Principal’s Survival Guide

Susan Stone Kessler, Ed.D. Susan Stone Kessler, Ed.D. Are you a new principal? A new teacher? Or do you work with people who are new to the education field? Then you have probably already realized the importance of a mentor. January is National Mentoring Month, which makes it a perfect time to consider why mentors are so important—and what to look for in one.

For New Principals
If you are a new principal, you’ll want to find a mentor separate from the leader who supervises you. Why? An ideal mentor—an experienced principal who works at the school down the road or across the world—has developed time-saving ideas for how to do your job. The experienced principal has already perfected questions for interviewing teachers, developed the best way to involve school personnel in…

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