Bras, Mushrooms, and Dogs

Bras, mushrooms, and dogs- the only thing these three have in common is the conflicting effect they are having on my emotions today. While the emotions I’m having about my dog are currently winning out- I must admit, bras and mushrooms put up a good fight.

In honor of Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale starting today, I (and every other bra-and-panty-loving girl in my area) decided to hit the mall and check it out. Since I’ve never been properly fitted I figured today was as a good a day as any, and man do I love a sale. It turns out that the bras I had been buying and wearing were both a band size and a cup size too small. No wonder they never felt right! I was so excited I just grabbed a bunch in my size and headed off to the fitting room- only to remember that I am not actually made of money and apparently these bras are (cha-ching!). I settled on two while lovingly parting with the others, and then I waited in line. And waited. And waited. By the time the half hour line got me to the register I was thirsty, hungry, my back hurt, and I had a headache. These bras better be worth it!

IMG_1599Bra Emotion: Excited (to finally wear the right size!)

Today also provided an opportunity to make a recipe I saw Daphne Oz make on The Chew a couple of days ago. It’s a Mushroom Pate. I didn’t quite have all of the right ingredients, and I think it would be more appealing to me personally if I used olive oil instead of sherry. It was fun to get back into cooking new things instead of just relying on what I know. Even though I didn’t devour this dish (and neither did my family) I’m definitely interested in giving it another shot with some adjustments. Although it sometimes makes it difficult to enjoy a meal or just accept it’s flavorful tasty yumminess, I find that critiquing each dish I make to be very helpful. I want to know what I (and others) like and dislike about it so that I can make changes and experiment a little with what I know. It never hurts to try. Cooking is something that makes me (and my boyfriend) feel good, in control, and positive. I can feel the energy flowing through me when I cook or look through recipes. That’s how I know I love it.

Mushroom Emotion: Determined (to try again!)

Unfortunately, not all days have happy endings. One of my dogs is basically on her deathbed. She’s 14 and has been struggling with a tick disease for quite some time now. She’s been in our family for most of her life. I still remember the day we got her. She ran so much- she was thrilled to have a backyard and kids to play with. She’s always been mellow and loved by everyone, all she ever wanted was for someone to pet her. I’m not really sure how to deal with it because I know she will be happier once she passes on and is relieved of all the pain, but I just know I’m going to miss her. I know that she won’t be there when I get home, or following me around when it’s 5:00 because it’s time for dinner. It will be hard to be here without her.

Dog Emotion: Sad.

One day at a time, right?



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