What is Friendship?

What is friendship? Trust, laughter, loyalty, support, acceptance, memories, love, family. Friendship, like love, is difficult to define. It’s an unspoken bond glued together with shared smiles and secrets. There is not much as valuable as a good friend. They become everything you need: an adventure, a shoulder to cry on, a relaxing night of movies, whatever you feel is lacking in your soul, they will be able to compensate. Friendship means something different for every person, in every situation. Here’s a question I never think to ask: what does my friendship mean to you, and what does your friendship mean to me? Are you the one person I can rely on, am I the one you go to when life gets scary? Each individual friendship is like a life in itself. You love it and depend on it more than you know, and when it’s in jeopardy you get scared because you realize you took that life, that friendship, for granted. For the most part, in this life, my friends are my lifeline.

Right now, the friendship I’m craving is defined by support. I want my friends to have my back and not give me a lecture every time I choose not to think through a decision. I’ve always been the cautious, responsible one, taking care of everyone else and trying to be a good example for the people around me. I’ve never judged them or tried to tell them what to do, I simply accept their decisions and try to pick up the pieces the best I can. I celebrate their happiness and comfort them when disappointed. I always thought that they would do the same for me when I became lost and confused. I don’t have all the answers this time. I don’t know what I’m doing or what I’m looking for or how to figure it out. All I want to do is get lost in laughter with my friends, do things without thinking them through and see where I end up. We all need friendship, every one of us. It gives us purpose because people are dependent on us. Friendship means many different things to everyone, and it’s impossible to define, but it’s a necessary part of life.


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