Too Many Thoughts to Keep Track!

I must have a million ideas per minute. I’m leaving myself notes on my thoughts and ideas all over the place- on my laptop, on my phone, on wipe boards, on paper- and I’m still not getting them all down! I have always been ambitious and interested in so many things, and now that I’m in college and not playing sports 6 or 7 days a week anymore, it’s really time that I start to indulge myself by exploring all my ideas before life comes to knock me into place and I have regrets of all the things I never did. Mind you, none of these things are over-the-top. I’m not planning on skydiving or backpacking through Europe or visiting countries in need (although that last one is definitely on my bucket list!). Here is a shortened version of my list which consists of a few things that simply interest me: hiking, benches/building, gardening, cooking, blogging/writing, working out, yoga, and beauty/makeup. These are some of the less serious things I have going on in my mind, but they’re a fun place to start!

You have all read about my weight loss journey since gaining the Freshman 25 at school. So naturally, finding new, exciting ways to challenge my body and keep myself moving is becoming a priority in my life. It came so easily to me in high school because I was a three-sport athlete; if the coach tells you to run, you run, simple as that. Now that I’m on my own (with the support and guidance of my parents, who are also working on their own personal fitness- and are sadly doing much than me) I need to figure out what works for me to keep me involved and help me to love working out. This is also where hiking and yoga come into play. About 5 years ago my family took a trip to Lake George- we had never been there and didn’t quite know what to except. A couple of the days we chose to hiking- and I have not forgotten how incredible it feels to climb a mountain (no ridiculous feat there, might I add, I’m sure the majority of people could complete it) and stand up there overlooking the lake and beautiful scenery of the area. I felt free, relaxed, and accomplished. Plus, I love nature- so I want to start getting back to that because- why not?! The hike itself is generally free, all I have to do is get there and climb it. Yoga is something that has interested me for quite some time now- too bad I’m not flexible. I think it would help my overall life quality because, for an 18-year-old, I’m relatively stressed. I want to connect my mind and body on a spiritual level.

There are a few things on the list that I have already gotten started on: benches/building, gardening, cooking, and, obviously, blogging/writing. These too also have purposes. Projects with pallets are all over Pinterest- so I decided to give it a shot with my dad. He brought home some pallets from work, I showed him a picture, and we got started. We were just winging it and didn’t really know how it would turn out, but they ended up looking great! Of course I’ve only sanded 1 so far and none have been painted yet, but my mom and I picked out some cushions for them and they are a great addition to our yard. I couldn’t be more proud of myself for finding a way to spend quality time with my dad and creating cheap furniture for our backyard. Unfortunately, that has only left me craving more. I want to become confident in my ability to use power tools and build things myself, because, frankly, my dad isn’t always going to be able to do it for me. Now, while I wouldn’t consider myself much of a gardener, I did plant basil, green bell peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers in my backyard- and I love it! They are so good fresh and walking past the basil plants alone makes my stomach grumble because they smell delicious! My first 3 cucumbers were finally ready to pick a couple of days ago and I was thrilled- we had them in our dinner that night! In addition, the basil and pepper plants have been producing like crazy, and they taste so good. I can taste the difference between what I grow and what I buy. The only downfall of this is that when I returned home from vacation, I found tomato bugs on my tomato plants- so I’m not sure how they’re going to do because many of the growing tomatoes were ruined. But I’m taking this as a learning experience- it’s my first time, after all! Anyway, I love this so much that I’m thinking in the next year I’m going to look into convincing my parents and finding ways to grow a bigger variety of vegetables- can’t hurt, right? As for cooking, it has always been a passion of mine. My mom is a great cook and it’s rare that I find a meal I don’t like. Along with my weight loss transition of working out- making healthy decisions is another huge part of the process. Lucky for me, I love to cook and practice cooking and while for some people this might sound like I would be prone to overeating, I definitely think it will help me. Rather than order pizza or heat up easy mac, I’ll cook quinoa (a favorite of mine) or salmon. Learning to be a better cook and to make healthier options will definitely make my life easier, it just takes time, practice, and planning. Finally, I have clearly started the blogging/writing part of my list. I’ve always been a decent writer, and I’m hoping that writing and blogging more will help me to get my ideas out and organized! Since I’m an English major (along with Education, so the main goal is to become a teacher), I have started to realize that I could really go somewhere with that degree, especially if I add on a minor in Journalism. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but I realized that I can’t limit myself to a future in Education because the job market just isn’t there right now.

The last part of my list is beauty/makeup. Don’t get me wrong- I think I’m a good-looking girl, but when it comes to makeup I am clueless. I have no idea what bronzers or toners are or how to use them, I barely know what’s going on when I put eye shadow on! It’s pathetic, and I really want to start making an effort. So I recently bought Stephanie Seymour’s Beauty Secrets for Dummies off of Amazon (it was only $4.00- including shipping!). Hopefully it can help me start to get on track- I’ll try to review it after reading, but since I honestly have no idea what kind of advice is good when it comes to makeup, don’t expect much!

Here is a picture of the benches my dad and I made:Image

And here is a picture of my first meal in a crockpot! Recipe coming soon!



Thanks for reading this jumbled mess of my thoughts!


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