My Cousin’s Big Fat Greek Wedding.

I’ve actually never seen that movie, but that’s not the point of this. Last weekend (July 29th) my beautiful cousin Lisa got married. Her (now) husband, Niko, is an amazing person and the two of them are a great fit for one another. I hope I have a love and happiness like them when I am ready to be married. Niko is Greek. Very Greek. Like, so Greek that he still has a good amount of relatives living in Greece, and his sister brought her baby there to be baptized. So, needless to say, the wedding was pretty big, around 380-400 people I believe. It was very interesting to see the cultures collide both in the ceremony and the reception. There was a lot of symbolism in the ceremony, which was graciously explained to those of us on Lisa’s side so that we would understand. During the reception, there was a Greek band and a DJ. It was a little awkward because both sides stuck to the kind of music they knew, so only one side would dance at a time. However, I still had a great time dancing and the food was fabulous! So much seafood, something I absolutely love. And, might I add, I looked HOT in my black dress. So no matter what could have happened, it was a successful night.ImageRegardless of what anyone else thinks, I think I look great in this picture, especially considering how hard I worked to get to this point. I don’t remember the last time I felt so beautiful.ImageI’ve never had so much fun dancing as I did with him. I laughed the whole time, and that’s more important than anything else I could imagine.






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