The Smaller Details

Hello Everyone! While I’m on the quest to grow up and become the woman I’ve always wanted to be, every little bit counts. Even the parts that seem unimportant and unrelated to this journey are (hopefully!) making a difference in my life and the way I think about and present myself. For this reason, I would like to share one of the details of the new me: painting my nails. Now, I realize how trivial this is, and that it makes me appear very self-centered (but, come on, this is the summer of ME!); however, before college, I NEVER painted my nails. Then I met the girl who became my best friend and her nails are ALWAYS painted. She offered to paint mine for me and since then I started doing them myself and now I can actually do it without getting polish all over my hands! Also, the paint is part of my plan to stop biting my nails! Seriously, worst habit ever. I was visiting my boyfriend last weekend and was surrounded by a considerable amount of family and friends (it was his dad’s 50th birthday), so naturally I was biting my nails THE WHOLE TIME because of my nerves. Hopefully, this nail polish idea will work and I can break the habit. In other news, my current color is nice purple and it’s called “jailbait” (which launches me into a new thought for another day- who gets to name nail polishes?!). Anyway, every little bit counts no matter what changes you’re trying to make!

P.S. Sorry for the horrible lighting and quality of my picture, just assume that the color looks nice!Image


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